MINI Original Parts.

MINI Original Parts


All MINI Original Parts are tailored for your MINI and available for all models even 15 years after the production end. Worldwide on stock at our MINI service partners.

Recycled Parts.

Recycled parts offer the same MINI quality and two-year warranty, but saving up to 50% compared to new parts. 

MINI Original Battery

MINI Original Battery.

Three times as fast as conventional calcium batteries, longer service life and maintenance-free; Trust the perfect performance and reliability of our MINI Original Batteries - at every temperature.

MINI Original Brake Discs

MINI Original Brake Discs.

The special combination of materials used for MINI Original Brake Discs guarantees high stability, thermal conductivity and durability for outstanding braking performance and comfort.

MINI Original Fuel Filter

MINI Original Fuel Filter.

Developed with high-grade filter material and tested specifically for the high pressure found in MINI engines. The MINI Original Fuel Filter keeps your engine fuel-efficient and in excellent condition for long-lasting driving fun.

MINI Original Microfilter

MINI Original Microfilter.

Built with electrostatically charged fleece and active carbon, the MINI Microfilter prevents harmful gases and dirt particles from entering your car’s interior, resulting in a near total filtration of microscopic particles measuring as little as 5 μm.

MINI Original Brake Pads

MINI Original Brake Pads.

The perfect fit of an MINI Original Brake Pad to your MINI model enhances brake performance, reducing the force required and the resulting wear and tear – with a positive impact on durability.

MINI Original Oil Filter

MINI Original Oil Filter.

Dirty oil increases fuel consumption and can cause significant damage within the engine. The MINI Original Oil Filter guarantees that your engine gets the oil it needs.

MINI Original Spark Plug

MINI Original Spark Plug.

Cruising on the highway, spark plugs are subjected to over 70 flashovers per second. Harmonising the entire combustion process and the engine electronics is essential for an optimal driving experience.

MINI Original Air Filter

MINI Original Air Filter.

Specifically designed for each different MINI engine, with a dust separation level of 99%, and built to last 60.000 to 100.000 km. With the MINI Original Air Filter your engine will never eat any dust.