RECYCLING. A second life for your MINI.


Your MINI is in a better world now - If you are hearing these words, you know that this was its wish! MINI sets on sustainable design from the beginning on. Reusable materials and an easy to disassemble body make your MINI perfectly recyclable. All pollutants are isolated from the car and the basic materials are sorted after recycling. 


After the demolition all MINI parts are sorted, chopped in order that they can serve different purposes - from the energy extraction to smelting. And there is a good chance, that this tools will be used in future to create a new MINI. 


Everything clear with MINI glass-recycling. The front and rear windshield as well as the windows of your MINI are going to a recycling-factory, which is specialised to all sorts of glass. Recycled glass is one of the main components for new glass - so it cannot be ruled out that it will be used for a future MINI as well.


Recycling at MINI - definitely offers noble metal: The platin, which is contained in the MINI catalysers, is used for new ones.


A battery that lasts forever? Well, almost: At MINI we recycle the plumb, which is used in batteries. Which means, that this can also be used for new batteries. 

Alloy wheels

They keep rolling: Also the alloy wheels from MINI are melt down. From this melted aluminium new wheels are created. 

Engine oil

Liquid Agents, which we never run out of. After we have pumped out all of the oil of your MINI it gets refinded and also gets suitable for the engine of your new MINI again.