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MINI Corporate Customer is dedicated to offering tailored products and services to company owners, company car drivers and fleet managers. Whatever your requirements, there is nothing quite like a MINI. And with a model range that’s more diverse and economic than ever before, you’ll have no problem selecting vehicles that best reflect your organisation.

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  • For qualified, customized advice, you receive a complete service with a personal contact person in our MINI Partner network​
  • We provide you with fuel- and cost-efficient engines, as well as the latest plug-in hybrid and all-electric models​
  • We guarantee you low running costs and benefit-in-kind taxation​
  • Our seamless service includes roadside assistance and a choice of attractive care, maintenance, and warranty options


Combine iconic MINI style, compelling performance, safety and convenience – and strengthen your company’s image in the process. That’s exactly what a MINI company car can do for you.
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Your company offers employees the chance to drive a MINI? Excellent. We’re here to start you on your journey so you can soon take advantage of a host of benefits:

  • Expert, tailored advice
  • Fuel- and cost-efficient engines
  • Low running costs
  • Benefit-in-kind taxation
  • Care and maintenance
  • Roadside assistance

Simply register your interest in a company car as well as the benefits and allowances that correspond to the MINI programme your company offers. Once they've approved it, have fun configuring your dream MINI. Our team is always here to help you with your selection and provide information about our attractive conditions. Just complete the transaction online – and you’ll be driving your new MINI in no time.

  1. Create your MINI account.
  2. Apply for the MINI commercial customer programme.
  3. Start enjoying the benefits.
Mini Business customers - overview - company owners Mini Business customers - overview - company owners


Our MINI Business Partnership Programme was developed specifically for small companies with a fleet of up to 50 company cars as well as for individual entrepreneurs looking for their ideal MINI. It offers:

  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Latest plug-in hybrid and all-electric models
  • Dedicated point of contact, seamless service and expert advice
  • Low running costs and benefit-in-kind taxation
  • Attractive care, maintenance and warranty options

Register your company today as a company owner or authorised representative, either online or with a local MINI partner. Please provide your business license and, if applicable, information about the size of your fleet. Invite your employees to sign up for your MINI programme so they can configure and order their MINIs. You can manage these company vehicles directly in our service area. And we’d be delighted to assist you and your employees, online or on site, about anything – from configuring a perfect MINI to leasing contracts and tax issues.

  1. Create your MINI account.
  2. Register your company and start enjoying your commercial customer benefits.
  3. Invite your drivers to sign up to your MINI commercial customer programme.

Any queries? Don’t hesitate to contact us: Tel.: +356 2326 4583 Email:


For fleets of over 50 vehicles, our MINI Corporate Fleet Programme can transform your business mobility, while reducing operating costs and your carbon footprint. Our dedicated specialist teams will work closely with your business to identify the right car for every individual. They'll simplify the purchasing process by explaining the best packages. And they'll advise you on whole-life running costs and cost-effective care and servicing solutions. Discover how by shaping whole-lifecycle sustainable mobility we can make a crucial difference to the success of your business.

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Mini Business customers - overview - corporate fleet programme Mini Business customers - overview - corporate fleet programme

MINI Corporate Fleet Programme:

  • Highly competitive fleet finance packages.
  • Dedicated point of contact.
  • Seamless customer service and expert advice.
  • Life-cycle management and TCO management.
  • Excellent maintenance, care and warranty programme.

Register your company as a fleet manager directly online now or visit a local MINI partner. After you have registered your interest with us, one of our fleet account managers will contact you and discuss all further steps with you.

  1. Create your MINI account.
  2. Register your company.  
  3. We'll contact you.
Mini Business customers - overview - corporate fleet programme Mini Business customers - overview - corporate fleet programme
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Are you ready to drive your business with the MINI difference? Our experts at your local MINI Centre are on hand to answer any questions, explain the options in more detail, and help you find the right MINI for your business. Get in touch today.


The MINI Business Partnership Programme is specifically designed for fleets of 50 cars or fewer, or sole traders. It offers competitive contract hire rates across the range of MINI models. You are assigned a dedicated, expert Business Development Manager who will help guide you through everything you need to know about managing your fleet. Whether you need another vehicle for a new member of staff or an entire fleet of cars, business customers can take advantage of a range of exclusive offers. Thanks to a combination of low running costs and strong residual values, there is a MINI to suit all your business needs. Alongside our competitive business rates, we also have offers on MINI servicing plans to keep your fleet running smoothly and efficiently.
To provide a premium MINI experience we have a MINI Corporate Certified progrmame that is dedicated to offering industry-leading service and support to fleet managers and drivers in their corresponding companies. Every MINI Centre across our network is invited to join this programme as it helps them give you (and your business) the very best MINI experience. They have their own corporate team on hand to help you find the ideal MINI for your business. They’ve completed specialist training to make sure you get the best service tailored to your needs. They are familiar with the MINI service portfolio for business customers and will be happy to provide expert advice.
Carbon dioxide emissions are measured by weight, in grammes (g), and calculated by how much CO2 is emitted from the exhaust pipe per the distance driven, measured in kilometres (km). CO2 emission rates are usually displayed as (g/km). This figure remains unaltered for the entire life of the vehicle and appears on its registration document (V5). Each new model on sale in 2024 is given an authoritative CO2 emission figure as part of the vehicle's 'Type Approval Test' which is carried out prior to first registration by the manufacturer.
Your organisation may be able to take advantage of even further attractive rates and discounts across our entire MINI range. And depending on your business requirements, our dedicated team is equipped to offer comprehensive support and assistance. But as every business is different, our MINI Corporate Certified Centres will swiftly assess your needs and help you manage your mobility in an effective and sustainable way. While we would be able to provide you with any number of MINI vehicles at any time, there is more to be taken into consideration. We would look to see whether you could efficiently combine company cars and pool vehicles in your fleet to reduce costs, taxes and your carbon footprint – while ensuring continued fleet compliance.
Benefit in Kind (BIK) tax is predicated on the CO2 emissions of a vehicle. The BIK rate is multiplied by the P11D price of the car to derive the value of the annual taxable benefit. The rate of income tax paid by the driver is then applied to this amount to give the annual BIK charge. Vehicles with lower CO2 emissions incur a lower tax liability.