Onboard Monitoring. Let your MINI be your guide.

MINI Onboard Monitoring. MINI 5 Door Hatchback.

Your built-in guardian angel.

Your MINI knows instinctively when it’s time for a service, thanks to its integrated onboard maintenance system. Condition Based Service (CBS) continually monitors the health of your MINI, and only notifies you that a service is required when it’s genuinely necessary. It will also notify you when a standard inspection or a statutory vehicle inspection is coming up. The effect: Your MINI only needs service, if it is really necessary.

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How it works.


How often your MINI needs servicing depends on its condition and your driving style. Built-in sensors monitor important components like brake pads, engine oil and brake fluid levels. All the information is saved on your MINI key, so your dealer can instantly see which service measures need to be undertaken – and immediately start!




MINI Connected.

The automotive infotainment-revolution begins here: Enjoy perfect connection from the inside of your MINI to the world outside with our innovative technology MINI Connected. 


Monitoring of the most important components.

Engine oil.

The display tells you how much time is left before the next oil change is due, or how far you can drive. Depending on your driving style, the first oil change is usually after you’ve driven 20.000 km, then every 30.000 km after that. But MINI service engine oil is more than just an oil change. We keep sure that the used oil is recycled environmentally and only use new high-quality engine oil, which is custom-blended and meets the exact requirements of your MINI’s engine. Lust but not least also the microfilter of your air condition is changed in course of the oil change. - So that you can breath in fresh and clean air again.  

Brake pads.

Your MINI CBS evaluates data from the sensors at your front an rear brake pads. So it lets you know in good time when your brake pads need replacing.

Vehicle check.

The MINI onboard maintening-system reminds you when a full inspection is required, including testing of your brakes, steering, transmission and all other essential checks. Instead of going by fixed intervals, your car calculates when a service is needed by taking into account how frequently you use your MINI and the way you drive it. So it’s only serviced when absolutely necessary. 

Brake fluid.

At the push of a button, your MINI tells you when its brake fluid needs changing – usually once every two years.