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TUNED TO perfection.

Your MINI offers more than just a stylish exterior - beneath its bonnet a special aggregation works wonders. Oils of very inferior quality can affect your MINI engine performance in a negative way. Fortunately, we offer MINI Original engine oil, which is perfectly matched to the needs of a MINI. 

Unleash power.

MINI Original engine oils awakes the entire engine-power - for a breathtaking gocart-feeling. 

Keep in perfect condition.

Conventional oils can cause a blocked engine. MINI Original engine oil keeps your engine clean. For more endurance and longev

Reduce oil consumption.

Reduce oil consumption.

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MINI Original Engine Oil LL-04 OW-30

Spoil your engine. With this oil you protect your MINI and his performance. 


MINI Original Engine Oil LL-04 5W-30

For sustainable driving fun. Keeps your engine clean, intact and full of power. Green light for outstanding engine performance.